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We are a Spa for Microgreens so they become an inside out Spa for your body, energizing you, making you healthy and keeping you healthy

We are growing and deliver the highest quality organic Mi​crogreens for You

Our Microgreens

The Best Deal - Spa Mix $23.50/Box

Get $3.50 OFF when you subscribe

Wheat​grass $19​.00/tray (cut)

Get $2.00 off with subscription​

Red Cabbage $6.00/2o​z

Radish China Rose & Rambo Organic $5.00/2oz

Pea Speckled Organic $6.00/4oz

Broccoli Organic $6.00/2oz

Sunflower Black Oil Organic $6.00/2oz

Why our microgreens?

What are microgreens?

It is an easy, natural way for anyone to enjoy healthy eating.

Microgreens provide a high dose of key nutrients in a practical way. Microgreens are small leafy vegetables harvested at their most nutritious and delicious state. They are called superfoods because they are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll and much more. It is proved that microgreens have up to 20-40 times more nutrients than the same type of mature leaves/produce. 

Fresh, pure and grown locally all year long.

Mature vegetables from the store are usually harvested days before it will get to the store, and it contains pesticides and wax. Our microgreens are grown locally and harvested to the order and delivered right to your door the same day, fresh as living foods. We use only organic seeds, organic soil and water. It is GMO free, pesticides free and pollution free. Our products have enhanced shelf-life, they stay fresh more than 10 days.

Easy to use.

There are few ways to enjoy these superfoods.

Wheatgrass is best to consume in the morning on an empty stomach by juicing about 2oz of juice.

Microgreens can be add to smoothies, soups, salads, sandwiches, etc. Just wash before using. We are customer friendly and we will help you with making decision and answer any question.

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