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About Us

Welcome To Our Healthy Store 

Family owned business

In 2017 we established a family-owned restaurant in Chicago. We served not only food but leaving super foods, such as microgreens and wheatgrass juice. After Covid-19 heated the world, we decided to transfer our company to a small indoor farm to provide the community the best nutritious food in the world. After many years of resources and usage of these products we know how great these superfoods are and how handily it can be used to improve overall health. It became our goal to provide easy access for our customers to get these locally grown and fresh harvested products in a busy lifestyle and include them in every day eating routine.

Why Choose Us


Mature vegetables from the store are usually harvested weeks before it will get on the plate, and it contains pesticides and wax. Our microgreens are grown locally and harvested to the order and delivered right to your door fresh as living foods. We use only organic seeds, organic soil and water. It is GMO free, pesticides free and pollution free. Our products stay fresh for more than 10 days.


Microgreens demands small amount of soil. We compost used soil after harvest. Our containers and bags are compostable.


Microgreens provide a high dose of key nutrients in a practical way. Microgreens are small leafy foods harvested at their most nutritious and delicious state. They are called superfoods because they are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll and much more. It is proved that microgreens have up to 40 times more nutrients than the same type of mature produce.


Microgreens are very concentrated, not only by nutrition reason but also by taste. The taste is similar to the same type of mature vegetable. Microgreens adds more flavor, texture and colors to every dish. 

100% Pure

We use  certified seeds, organic soil, and filtered water so our microgreens will grow 100% pure. We do not use any pesticides or fertilizers. Our microgreens are grown indoor, so it stays pollution free.


We value your business with us and we understand how busy life can be. That is why we offer you free local delivery if you spend $20.00 or more.

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